Our Time Together

I build my coaching relationships on a foundation of trust, of mutual respect, and of gratitude. These are qualities that I value both personally and professionally. Personally, I am concerned that the emerging global culture might launch without a connection to these values, making them even more important to highlight right now. Professionally, the evidence from coaching is clear – trust, respect, and gratitude help us to grow and develop, and can even help us to heal. More and more, people are coming around to the idea that our thoughts and feelings have a direct impact beyond psychological and physical health, that our capacity for change is also boosted when we employ these simple, valuable human qualities.

As your coach, my primary responsibilities are to support you in achieving your goals; to challenge your assumptions when they are blocking you; and to create an action plan with you for moving forward. These are things I cannot do if I am not myself trustworthy, if I lack respect for you or for myself, or if I am not grateful every day for doing what I believe I was meant to do in this life (and I am indeed grateful).

There is a lot of hype these days about the power of positive thinking; there is also a lot in the public curriculum about the value of cynicism. Is being both positive and realistic so difficult? Apparently the answer is yes.

Historically I have been anti-hype, but I am not anti-excitement especially about something that truly is important. Here is my take on these issues: have a dream, and express it. This is not “following your bliss,” it is living from your highest vision of yourself. But you need more than a dream you must get out there and be effective, to manifest it. Finally, in order to maintain your now effective dream, you must measure the actual impact, the ground you have gained and the mistakes made along the way. Being realistic about how you have manifested your dream is not “cynical thinking,” it is the best way to make your change sustainable. It is also learning. The best way to improve is to learn from your mistakes and get right back up and try again just ask any successful entrepreneur!

Our time together is spent crafting and actualizing your vision, and it will include what you value most. A relationship built on the foundation of trust, respect, and gratitude is both emotionally intelligent and morally necessary for such a coaching endeavor.