Free Resources

One Pager A quick, simple overview of our company.

White Paper on Adult Development and Coaching  David Zeitlers White Paper on Executive Development and Zeitler Executive Dynamix Coaching Programs.

Biz Digest ITC Coaching Summary  Business Digest summary of Immunity to Change Coaching.

Oprah on Immunity to Change Coaching  Oprah Winfrey promotes Immunity to Change Coaching as step #1 in her Feel Good Challenge.

ITC Coaching Outcome Data  For decision makers, we compiled some research data on our method.

Fast Co Change or Die  The now famous article that showed us even our own avoidable death wont compel us to change!

Living Postmodernism An outstanding and highly readable article by Jennifer Garvey Berger on how surface behaviors do not tell us if someone is operating from a more or less developed level of adult development.