Services That Set Us Apart

Our Philosophy – by David Zeitler

Choosing a coach is a high-scrutiny decision and it should be. You should only choose a coach that has the qualities you seek. When I built Zeitler Executive Dynamix, I knew I would only value evidence-based techniques and take a client-centered approach. This means that you will only get the best methods; methods that have proven value for helping people transform. Each coaching program is fully customizable and scalable for you and your life.

Professional Service

For professionals seeking in-house services, Zeitler Executive Dynamix offers platform training programs, team-building programs, and 1:1 leadership development programs.

  • Team building programs are six month, intensive engagements geared to align individual performance with team and departmental goals.
  • Leadership development coaching programs are six-month (bimonthly) engagements, and are custom tailored for each executive.
  • Change management platform training programs focus on performance review goal achievement in the context of change initiatives.

Personal Service

For individuals and families seeking services, I focus mainly on life’s “transitions.” For parents, this usually means being “in-transition” (between jobs), and for their children, it usually means that you have “boomeranged” back after graduating from college.

  • In-Transition Coaching is for adults who are between jobs/careers or thinking of leaving a job/career.
  • Boomerang Generation Coaching is for young adults who are struggling to launch an independent life in the current economic and cultural milieu.

Our Philosophy (continued)

The most important value that a coach can bring is the effective use of support and challenge. It is my personal tendency and my professional training to listen empathically – but empathy without conviction lacks rigor and utility. Both are equally important elements of my practice. This is why we use mindfulness-based techniques, informed by neuroscience.

Your Brain is Important

It is more important than you might think, even if you already take supplements every day. The “executive” in Zeitler Executive Dynamix refers to both a title one might have in business and to the “executive functions” of your brain. The neuroscience is clear – our executive functions work well right up until they are hijacked on behalf of our safety by other areas of the brain.

This is why so many of the mindfulness techniques that humans have created (east and west) focus on down-tuning the “monkey mind.” This does not mean that you should be overly critical of yourself – there are good reasons why we do not make the changes that we know can help us!

Despite the value of our methods, they are not for everyone. If you are absolutely allergic to writing and doing homework, then I suggest a different coaching method. (In fact, I will be happy to refer you to very good coaches who have a different client base than ours – just send me an email and I promise I won’t send you any other emails after that!) If you think that self-reflection and self-observation are not helpful, then again, I suggest a different coaching method for you. Lasting change is transformative, and you will be successful when we work at it together.

Details About Transition to Transform™

In-Transition Coaching

Take the opportunity of being in-transition to discover (or rediscover) the meaning of your life. Don’t waste another moment being less than the person you were meant to be.

Adults do not stop growing simply because they have a working life. You should not expect the same things to be meaningful to you for decades at a time! Take full advantage of the time you have while in-transition to change the nature of your work.

Related: Yearly Performance Review Coaching. Since I work with many folks who do not leave their current roles at work, I help them achieve their yearly performance review goals. These goals are often the same year after year, and many new possibilities open up for the employee who shows they can change for the better.

I have also helped many entrepreneurs launch or grow their business (about half of the testimonials you see in rotation throughout my website are from entrepreneurs I have coached).

Boomerang Generation Coaching (aka, Cluttered Nest Coaching)

If you are part of the current generation that has returned home after college, now is the time to craft the internal strength to help you gain motivation and financial reward.

College used to be a time and place for self-discovery. We learned how to come to terms with entering a working life (or, alternatively, how to drop out of society and enter the fringe). But that opportunity has been systematically removed by a higher education culture that refuses to make value judgments about the “best” way forward.

Professors used to be mentors that helped students grow, and not just academically. Instead of mentoring, professors want to encourage their students to create their own ideological “best” way forward. This subtle yet painful form of neglect has had real world consequences. The leadership of higher education has deconstructed their developmental duty on behalf of their own commitment to avoid taking a stand. (To be fair, many professors are justifiably worried about losing their jobs if they take a stand on any issue! So the culture-at-large supports this crippling of value distinctions, which has resulted in a generation of arrested development. It is no wonder why we call this the “boomerang generation.”)

Related: Higher Education Academic Coaching. As a former Associate Professor, I sometimes will assist undergraduate and graduate students bring more balance into their lives. As a former academic journal editor, I can offer help with their research and writing.