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Immunity to Change Methods in Our Coaching

Immunity to Change presents the recognition that helping people improve is intimately related to helping people develop a new mindset that can transcend the limitations of their current one. Even grown-ups can continue to evolve! The payoffs for investing in an adaptive approach to personal improvement are many, many times the value of accomplishing a single goal. – Robert Kegan & Lisa Lahey

The call for “change” has grown, but the ways that we actually achieve change have not – until now.

Change is called for in the private sector and in public service; at the highest levels where it is called “leadership transformation,” and on the front lines where it is called “change management”; in our home life and our work life and everywhere in-between. There is so much demand for change that we even have a term for the inevitable backlash – “change fatigue.”

What is unspoken with all of these calls for change is that doing something differently than you have done before is not enough. What we face individually and collectively is a call for doing things better. This is not just a call for simple change, it is a call for transformation. It is a deep, in-your-bones change that your boss is really asking for when s/he wants you to “work smarter, not harder.” It is change-to-your-core that your spouse is truly seeking when s/he asks you to “accept me as I am, rather than the person you once knew.”

This is a change of Mindset, not of behavior alone. Indeed, new Mindsets support new behaviors.

Our main coaching method is the Immunity to Change system of transformation. Sophisticated in nature yet simple to follow, the method begins with your own desires for happiness. In other words – what goal do you have that you (and maybe others) believe will make you happier?

Built on a foundation of trust, honesty, and transparency, we will discover behavioral blocks, emotional tendencies, and the cognitive structures that support – and are supported by – both. If you can achieve quality, lasting change without a method that engages all three of the above, then you should do so! (In fact, let me know about it.)

If, however, you are like the 90% of people who find it difficult to make important, lasting change, then this method may be for you.

Mark Twain quipped, “Quitting smoking is the easiest thing in the world to do – I’ve done it a thousand times!” We try something new. We revert to old patterns. When you can see the logic behind not changing, you can create pathways to achieve transformation. The Immunity to Change system begins by “surfacing” your psychological immune system. Over six months, the coaching arc goes through three phases that bleed into one another: a “Generating Rapport” phase; a Generating Insights phase; and a “Generating Actions” phase.

Success is defined in two ways success in meeting your goal(s), and the successful transformation of a partial or full Mindset.

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