How It Works

We make some bold claims, and we are willing to back them up with both research and with client testimonials. We use only evidence-based techniques, and our clients are our best advertising.

I will briefly repeat here something we feel bears repeating: building trust leads to insights, and building on insights leads to effective results. If you want to thrive, you need both support and challenge, and we want you to thrive! We are amazed at how much our clients have been able to transform, and how much they have been able to extend their goals and transformation into many other domains of their lives. I will begin, then, by telling you what our coaching is not.

Our coaching is not therapy – this is not psychoanalysis; it is not cognitive-behavioral therapy; it is not any form of therapy. Our methods are based on decades of empirical research done at Harvard on adult learning and professional development.

We use an integrated coaching process, involving the development of emotional intelligence, mindfulness-based cognitive development, and behavioral structuring techniques.

Our coaching is not easy – if change were easy, if transformation were easy, we would all be successful and happy most of the time. If you are not happy it is because you are believing things that aren’t true, you are behaving in ways that don'[t work, or both. Life gets better even easier when we bring our beliefs and behaviors into alignment. Thats when opportunity knocks.

What It Is

Here is the short version of how it works’: whether you are a C-suite executive leader whose listening skills are putting a merger at risk, or a boomerang-kid whose entrepreneurial skills are putting your future at risk, you must reckon with competing needs. If you have a goal, you have a future self. Since you already have a past self, you know that we all must strike a balance between these two. This balance is often disrupted when we need to change, because we also need to remain the same, to be consistent and to hold onto the things about us that make us us. This is not a change like getting a haircut, it is adaptation. When adaptation is necessary, the methods of Zeitler Executive Dynamix are ideal. In fact, they were designed by reverse-engineering specific measures of adult learning and development that reveal a core system at work in all of us a brilliant system of avoiding change in order to maintain consistency. We capitalize on emotional intelligence, cognitive scaffolding, and behavioral structuring. If you feel like you are between a rock and a hard place, drop us a line, because chances are we can help.

Details for the Eggheads and other Interested Parties:

Your goals represent a future you, your future self. But like all of us, you must reckon with your experiences, your past self. Because of this, your goals are often directly opposed by your self-protection response. The brain is extremely sophisticated, and because we dislike chaos, it has created an ingenious anti-anxiety system (so you may not even feel any problems between your goals and your self-protection response).

Here is why this matters your brain is layered like a cake. The bottom of the cake emerged hundreds of millions of years ago; the middle layer emerged about a hundred million years ago; and the top layer emerged a few million years ago. There is also icing on this cake (but more on that below). The self-protection functions of your brain represent the bottom layer. The emotional intelligence functions of your brain represent the middle layer. The cognitive intelligence functions of your brain represent the top layer. Finally, the executive functions of your brain all of your goal planning and decision making, all of the complex thinking and self-reflection that separates humans from animals is just the icing on the cake.

Each layer of the cake has the power to override a higher level under specific conditions (like when you automatically pull your hand off a hot surface even before you are conscious of any temperature). Alas, we forget then we forgot that we forgot. And then we believe we know exactly why we should not change (but we are usually wrong).

At Zeitler Executive Dynamix, our coaching methods target every layer of the cake, in order to harness the power of neuroplasticity. Thats just a fancy word for brain change. Both your old self and your future self are vying for brain real-estate. Through powerful processes like Immunity to Change Coaching, Integral Coaching, and Mindfulness Practices, we will guide you through the adaptive transformation necessary for you to meet your goal.

Even More Details for the Real Nerds and Masochists:

Battle of the Two Wills

At every stage of your psychological development, the balance of forces across these four major areas of your brain were thrown into chaos. Remember adolescence? The same self-sufficiency that your parents or guardians praised you for at ten was likely to get you into hot water at fourteen. Your parent or guardian expected you to do something more than be self-sufficient; they expected you to be considerate of the needs of others. To your adolescent mind, such a consideration meant you were being severely compromised. You were being called to transform, and just like every other time, it hurt your brain.

My point is this you were protecting your hard-won capacity to be self-sufficient (cake layer one); at the same time, you were being called to be more considerate (cake layer two); and in order to do this, you needed to be able to do something new to think about your needs and someone elses needs at the same time (cake layer three); but throughout this process your plans for you and your life were in constant flux, because you were also discovering a newly emerging need to belong. This future self was interested in a newly discovered libido and a new need to identify with a group and it had to engage these two while trying to juggle everyones needs including his or her own (the icing on the cake). That is chaos. That is transformation. And it doesnt stop, it just gets more sophisticated. If you feel like you are between a rock and a hard place and you arent allergic to writing or a little elbow grease you might need our coaching!